family portrait

family portrait

Last year I photographed this beautiful family in a park near my town. It was fall, the leaves were all changing colors and the wind was a bit cold. Adrian and Julian were having a blast though !

I am sharing this picture because I love the sun rays I was able to capture in this pose. I love how when you stare into this photograph, it brings you into that exact moment.

Imagine the laughter and the tiny footsteps running around 🙂



iphone 016

Found practically everywhere, are amazing unique patterns . Practicing my macro photography is a great way to discover the real essence of patterns and shapes.

These pictures were taken with my I-phone camera (yes i know, i need to start using my SLR) but sometimes its just so much easier to whip out your phone.

iphone 015


I love the individual space between each and every one of these beads. They were all hand placed, yet all have such a different shine/ separation.


iphone 006


The above photo is not your average macro photograph. I could have leaned a lot closer to capture more of the dust around this bottle.

Life is like pictures; we develop from the negatives