About Jamille

I was introduced to photography in 2011-2012 by one of the greatest people i was blessed to have ever met, my father in law “Edvardi Centeno”. To him, I dedicate this blog & my work.
RIP Mr.Centeno
“You taught me to believe in something..believe in myself. I discovered my hidden talents through your motivation and exposure to the photography world. I am forever grateful”

I began photography as a hobby, taking pictures of trees and birds. My first camera was a Nikon PX100. After a couple of years I decided to upgrade to a Canon Rebel xti. I now am shooting with a Canon EOS 5D.

How would I describe my photography style?
I think i am still discovering who I am as a photographer and where my passion lies. I love trying new things and have done several random shoots for different occasions. I cant say that I don’t like big events such as weddings and parties,however I prefer portrait sessions where I can focus more on one subject and its still surroundings. I love natural light! Living in New Jersey,we don’t get long summers but the winter has some awesome perks to shooting as well. I would say my style is somewhat vintage with a modern twist. Hazy, but sharp.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would love to have my own studio in New Jersey. I see myself traveling around the world, meeting and learning about new landmark locations and new species of animals. I want to capture the worlds architecture. I see myself backpacking across Europe or in the amazon in Brazil . I see my photography being displayed in National geographic .

For any photography bookings or questions please email me




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