the way it is

We live in such a judgmental world. Often i try to understand the anger and the pain in others…Sadly judging someone by their actions is really all the power the human world has left.
How often do you see people crying on the subway or walking down the street? How often do you offer the stranger next to you a piece of gum or a tissue for their runny nose ? if your answer is never, then take a seat with the millions of people just like you .
And here lies the problem.. we are all so caught up in our own emotions and dilemmas that anybody else’es just isn’t even a concern. As a photographer, constantly observing my surroundings and visually trying to place odd puzzle pieces together, i often see the real pain and suffering in people. 
At times i wonder why and how we each have grown to become so bitter, and so inpatient with each other.
The other day as i exited my train, i saw a line of people waiting to take a flight of stairs down. There seemed to be something or someone holding up the line. As i looked, i finally saw a very heavy weight man. He looked in pain, something was wrong with his knees and he could not walk any faster. Then i heard the whispers and the comments from the people behind him. The cruelness in their every word was haunting. I did not know this man, but i wanted to help him and hug him..I wanted to apologize for their words … I wanted to make every single one of those mean souls disappear …but i couldn’t. 
Finally after everyone had stormed in front of him and around him , he looked behind and saw me waiting for him . He looked into my eyes and said” well what are you waiting for, are you going to pass or not” ! 
The shortness of breath in his voice was upsetting .. This poor man has endured more pain then i think anyone could ever imagine … In a daze, i replied “sir , take your time, i am in no rush” and tried to crack a smile . 
Its sad to imagine that something like that could happen to any of us .. We are all humans; all walking around this planet with no direction and no discipline. People are growing more and more emotionless each day . Our organs are vitally working to keep us alive, but some of us are already dead …



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