a year of change

a year of change

2013 was a great year for me and my photography . I upgraded to a pro camera, i invested time and finances in expert editing software and best of all i was privileged to photograph so many different people.

With each experience, came new learning techniques and lessons that helped improve and make me a better photographer.

Now that we are into the new year, i had a chance to sit back and reflect on my 2014 goals as a photographer. Today I will be sharing some of these goals with you .

1) Narrow the selection process
Working with new families and friends are always such joy, but sometimes its hard to control sessions 100% because of the comfort levels and the distractions. One of my goals for this year is to really be selective about whom i schedule sessions with. Not only is this a profession of mine that I really want to pursue, but each picture I take and sell is a reflection of who I am as a photographer. I want my images to say nothing but positive things.

2) Natural Light 
I have decided that i am a natural light photographer. Although i have invested in backdrops and fancy lights, my best work has always been shot outdoors in natural light. I plan on sticking to that, and focusing on bettering my timing with outdoor sessions, scouting new locations for sessions as well as invest in some outdoor props.

3) Stop using i-phone cam
I have made such a bad habit of depending on my cellphone camera for everything . Some days i think to myself and realize i don’t touch my camera at all unless its for work. I want to change that. I have made a deal with myself to carry my camera with me every 2 weeks for an entire day. I plan to shoot everything i possibly can from strangers to birds, etc…The object is to familiarize myself with my equipment and simply practice practice practice!

4) Find a mentor
This goal is extremely important to me. I want to meet photographers who will be open to mentoring and willing to share their knowledge with me. I truly believe you can learn something from everyone you know and i am really looking forward to seeing and witnessing how different artists handle their sessions differently.

I still have some more goals i plan on sharing with you in a part 2. post.

I hope you can relate to some of these goals, or create some for yourself as encouragement for improvement.


2 thoughts on “a year of change”

  1. These are great goals! I just posted mine for 2014 too. Luckily, my phone camera is garbage so I regularly walk with my DSLR and tripod. I don’t shoot amazing images every day but I learn every day. One thing I also do daily is to study/admire other photographers work. I do this not to copy them, but to be inspired by them. This is why I love your work:) Cheers to a great 2014!

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