Steamy Boudoir

Shadows on ceilings reflecting the glow.
Appendages keeping the beat toe-to-toe
Smell of vanilla laced with perfume
Passions in order with lust to consume
Kissing sips drowning the taste of love’s gift
Rising and falling the beat so to shift
Faster the cadence of love’s rhythm steps
Keeping in order hips go to hips
Arms of the pleasures of love to consume
Moistures of tenderness, bodies festooned
Breaths that are baited for hearts set on fire
Sensual treasures of deep dark desire
Coming together perception the key
Flowers of love embodied in thee
Taste of perfumes from honey on tongues
Caress through the twilight bodies all worn…
Down by this love embraced from within
Erupting up from where it has been
Eyes turn to darkness looking above
Here in this boudoir jam of pure love.
ยฉ Susan Kathryn de Vegter



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