New born session -Paris style

Howdy !

Today i want to share with you all some awesome newborn pictures that i took of baby “Mia” when she was 2 weeks old.

New born sessions are always fun; you never truly know what you are going to get. The one thing I can highly recommend to all of my fellow friends interested in trying a newborn session is make sure you are PREPARED !

So here are some of my shots …





With the help of mommy, and my awesome god mother, we were able to use several “props” to add character to the photos. ย That amazing chair gave us the classy, vintage look we were looking for and the Eiffel tower statue with the flowers petals were a huge success!


here is another angel where I was able to use the pedals and the Eiffel tower statue…Doesn’t she look like a royal baby ย !!



So that was my new born session ! this took about 2-3 hours as newborns require a lot of changing, eating and sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚ Overall i loved this session and these images !


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