countless days and nights

Hello everyone, 
I feel like its been a while since I last posted something up. Apologies for not being as consistent as I should. Lets just simplify the explanation with the fact that i currently am juggling a 6 day work week + photography on the side…ITS SO MUCH FUN …

Starting September i will be in school Monday-Wednesdays. I promise to make an effort to blog more frequently or at least have posts ready to go for you all. 

So here’s whats been on my mind these days ….
“Project : Between the lines”

Lately i have ave been thinking of  a way to give back to the community with my photography. These daily thoughts and deliberations have opened my eyes to working with senior citizens. 
I want to capture their beauty, their wrinkles, the essence of having lived such long lives….Many concerns have risen with me trying to start a project as complex as this…
What is they don’t want to be captured in pictures? What if they are in pain? ….This will be challenging but my goal is to capture these beautiful souls and hopefully be able to get to know each individual and learn something wise about their life experiences. My gift to them will be a recent photograph of themselves .

My thoughts are still up in the air, and i am currently working on a business plan ….

Please make sure you stay tuned and embark on this journey with me 🙂 

Examples of some images I want to capture:

Note* these pictures have not been taken by me.



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