Practice with the A7

Sunday afternoon my fiancé and I went looking for an adventure around town. I wanted to practice shooting with my new camera and he wanted me to photograph him in his new jacket and new Jordan’s. I love how he’s always comfortable being my subject. Photographing a bare background vs. a person really makes a difference.

so far, I am in love with this camera. The 3 main settings are so easy to adjust and use. Right away I started shooting in manual.







Today I decided to trade to my #Canon #EOS5D for the #SonyA7 camera . Wow, it defiantly feels so weird disowning your “baby” and most loved and used device ! But I am very excited for the our new journey together. I like the portable size of the Sony a7. Along with the body is a 35mm lens.

stay tuned for some new pics soon


Life is like pictures; we develop from the negatives